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The Houston Junior Forum’s (HJF) annual fundraiser, The City Market, will be a noncommissioned market requiring Merchants to pay only booth rental fees plus charges for additional services. Booth placement will be assigned to achieve the best balance of Merchants and is at the discretion of The City Market. There are a limited number of larger booths available.

The City Market Show Hours

Thursday, March 30
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Preview Party

Friday, March 31
9:00 am – 10:00 am- Early Shopping
10:00 am – 5:30 pm- Open to the public for General Admission
5:30 pm – Market closes

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Booth Information

Individual booths will be draped and include one covered 8’ table and 1 chair. Merchants should provide signage for their booth. Merchandise, signage, and chairs may not extend beyond the front of the booth boundaries.

Booth Sizes and Rental Fees

10’ x 10’- $550
10’ x 15’- $750 (limited number available)
10’ x 18’- $900 (limited number available)
8’ x 20’ Endcap – $1,000 (limited number available)

Additional Service

8’ or 6’ draped table – $12.00 each
Chairs – $4.00 each
Electrical Circuit (1 x 20-amp duplex) $45.00

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Move in, set up, and breakdown

  • Merchants may begin move in and set up of booth at 11 am on Thursday, March 30. Merchants must use side doors for move in. Bayou City does not allow move in using the front doors.
  • Merchants must provide all carts, dollies, etc. necessary to move in merchandise and set up booth.
  • The exhibit hall provides overhead lighting; however, merchants should be prepared to provide any additional lighting they may want or need.
  • Merchants must be in their booth and ready for customers 15 minutes prior to the opening of the market and of any special events of the market.
  • Merchants may not start packing up or breaking down their booth before the market closes at 5:30 pm on Friday, March 31.
  • All electrical devices shall be connected no later than 4 pm on Thursday, March 30. A technician will be on-site to check each booth and assist with any technical difficulties.

Additional Merchant Information

  • Only Merchants approved by The City Market Merchant Review Committee may utilize booth space.
  • Merchants may not share booth space.
  • Merchants must provide all display/sales materials including such items as calculators, pens, cash bank, etc. The City Market will not be able to provide change.
  • Wi-Fi is available in the venue and log in information will be included in the Merchant Information provided after Merchants have been selected to participate. The City Market does not guarantee the Wi-Fi connections to be available at all times. Merchants should consider having a backup Wi-Fi connection in case of any network outage.
  • Merchants who have not checked in on-site by 2 pm on Thursday, March 30, will forfeit their booth space and all fees, unless The City Market Merchant Review Committee has granted an exception.
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Merchandise and Products

  • Imitation, replica, counterfeit, or knockoff designer items must be approved by the merchant committee.
  • All merchandise must be tastefully displayed. Products that are considered inappropriate or political in nature are not allowed. HJF reserves the right to ask Merchants to remove merchandise deemed inappropriate.
  • Merchants may not display or sell merchandise not included on their approved application.
  • Burning candles and incense are prohibited at The City Market.
  • Every effort will be made to avoid duplicating Merchant offerings; HJF cannot guarantee product exclusivity for each Merchant.
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Merchant Support and Publicity

  • A boxed meal will be available for purchase for Thursday evening and for lunch on Friday.
  • As a thank you for your support of our auction, HJF will provide you with two complimentary Shopping Passes (value $50) to share with your customers.
  • Frequent announcements, mailings and emails will be made to HJF members, participating Merchants, Ticket Holders and the general public.
  • The City Market will be publicized on Instagram (@thecitymkt) and on Facebook, (thecitymkt) prior to the event.
  • Merchants are highly encouraged to use the tags listed above in all social media prior to The City Market.
  • All posts by The City Market are the property of The City Market and The City Market must be tagged on all reposts by Merchants.
  • All attendees will be provided with the printed shopping guide, which includes the names of the Merchants (by both booth number and by name and location). This program will include a map of The City Market layout.
  • Please visit The City Market website ( After a merchant is selected to participate, we look forward to listing you on our Participating Merchant page
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Merchant Application

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